Jobs Live!
Filipino Inventors hook up with labor
29 April 2010

At a time when the country is still reeling from the effects of a global financial crisis and jobs are hard to come by, Filipinos can always rely on their ingenuity and hard work.

This Labor Day, hard work will team up with ingenuity as trade unions have linked with Filipino inventors to provide alternative sources of income for Filipino workers.

Labor group Federation of Free Workers (FFW) will collaborate with the Filipino Inventors Society, Inc. at Jobs Live!—the Job and Livelihood Fair on May 1 at the SMX Convention Center.

“This is an opportunity to recognize the ingenuity and creativity of Filipinos and pair it with the hard work and productivity of Filipino labor,” said Julius Cainglet, spokesperson of the FFW and one of the organizers of Jobs Live! The Department of Labor and Employment is co-organizing the affair with labor groups.

Filipino inventors will showcase their inventions to trade unions and young entrepreneurs for possible partnerships in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, distribution and retailing.

“This is authentic and meaningful support to the Buy Filipino and Buy Philippine-made products movement, in fact it goes beyond it,” Cainglet said.

“Through this initiative, we do not only support what Filipinos produce, we also support what they create,” Cainglet added.

Among the inventions to be showcased is the “cointainer,” a coin handling device that automatically sorts coins. It was developed by Inv. Jun Gonzales, Filipino Inventors Society, Inc. Vice President.

“We invite trade unions and young entrepreneurs to look at our inventions and consider partnering with us,” Gonzales said.

“Members of the FFW have been trained to set aside funds to address the financial needs of their members. They usually use these for lending and retailing of grocery products that workers usually buy,” explained Cainglet.

“Investing trade union funds in partnering with inventors for the manufacturing, marketing distribution and selling of the inventions would be a breakthrough,” he added.

“It would give workers additional income, while encouraging inventors to come up with more bright ideas, in the process, helping solve the unemployment problem,” Cainglet said.

Other inventions being showcased are: Ironmate, an energy saving device; Sakatos, agricultural safety shoes; pre-cast concrete products; manual jackhammer; and, signs and artworks using yarn.

“We hope that people who are looking for additional sources of income would visit the livelihood fair at Jobs Live! at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, on Labor Day,” Cainglet said.

Booths open as early as 8:00 am.

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